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Catelyn's husband broke off his conversation to glance at his lady, who was slumped back in her chair, panting. Catelyn slowly recovered herself, regaining her composition and smiling at her Husband and the King.

Suddenly, Cersei reached across the table and grasped the King's cock behind the tablecloth, massaging it through the layers of cloth. Cersei's eyes were clouded with lust as she rubbed Robert to full hardness. Catelyn felt somewhat left out and quickly reached over to her own husband, undoing the laces of Eddard's breeches and coaxing out his hardening cock. Both men were surprised, but could hardly refuse.

The two ladies began a furious competition with their husbands' shafts. Both women vigorously stroking and rubbing the Lords' cocks. Catelyn gave a wide smile to her counterpart on the other side of the high table before glancing around the hall. The majority of the guests were either enraptured within the party or heavily in their cups. Catelyn quietly slid under the table, taking Ned into her mouth. Cersei, not to be undone, soon joined her beneath the tablecloth, setting a healthy pace as she bobbed up and down on the thick shaft of Robert.

It wasn't long into the contest when both the King and Eddard were edging towards a finale. Robert reached over to the table, pouring himself a cup of wine as he encouraged the blonde currently licking his cock. Both men came into their wives' mouths, shuddering their orgasms out as the lordly seed flowed into the mouths of Catelyn and Cersei. The two ladies shared a kiss under the table, exchanging their husband's semen.

The Ladies detached themselves and clambered back up to retake their place at the high table. As the ladies reclaimed their places at the table, Robert leaned over to Ned, whispering conspiratorially while glancing at the ladies. Chuckling, Ned turned to his wife.

"Robert was just saying that the Queen has enjoyed your service so much that he thinks you should accompany us to King's Landing as the Queen's special friend."

Ned chuckled as Cersei made eyes at Catelyn and Robert raised a tankard of Ale in an unspoken toast. Catelyn moistened as fantasies lept unbidden into her head; Locking the Queen in a heated embrace, exploring every inch of their bodies, sharing her husband with the southron ladies and travelling the world experiencing new things.

Catelyn's dreams were interrupted by her husband nudging her back to reality. "Well Cat? What do you say to that?"

"Your Graces, how can I refuse such a noble offer?" asked Catelyn. "I am more than pleased to serve the crown as Her Grace's chief lady-in-waiting."

Cersei smiled at this, standing up and approaching Cat's chair. "Excellent! Why don't you and I retire for the night, so we may... iron out the details of this new appointment?" she said, running her hand over Catelyn's shoulder.

Cat gave a delighted shudder. "Your Grace, there is nothing I would like to do more," she whispered.

What form shall this "ironing" take place?

(CuchulainnHound 77 and Alias the Rat)

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