Double-Blind Desire

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* This is an open, character and plot driven erotic mind control story that starts with a non-gender or age specific lead who's destiny you control by their interaction with experimental pharmaceuticals.

Hello, I am new author with a natural love for CYOA's. I have a unique concept for an erotic story I would like to establish a base foundation for it with hope others will contribute in the future. I have painstakingly established some parameters I would appreciate if future contributes would follow.

Otherwise... look everyone's feedback, patience, and eventually contributions. Please enjoy! My Thanks, ~ MixedMojo

'It's a peaceful day' you think to yourself.

Your mind wanders briefly as you make your way down the street. You remind yourself it's nice sometimes just to go for a walk on a peaceful, boring day like today. It's summer and the heat beams down on you as stroll nears the corner to the next street. 'There is no rush' you think without too much emotion, then pause to scan the around surrounding suburbs. You are alone. "Yup, a nice peaceful boring day" you say aloud and smile to yourself. A yawn escapes you and you briefly close your eyes to the sun, lost in some distant tranquil thought.

Here on that corner, here on that moment, your life changes forever...

Suddenly, your startled from your daydream by the sound of screeching tires. Looking up, you see a van careening towards you at full speed. Their approach is reckless, managing to rip off the side-view mirror of a poorly parked 2024 Mustang. Cautiously, you watch from behind the street pole you had been leaning on. The driver nears the corner with no signs of slowing down when suddenly the van jerks to the left. If brakes were used, you couldn't tell. You watch the Van crash at near-full force just feet from where you had been!

"The Driver!" you think with urgent concern. With no one else around you feel obligated to check on the driver's condition. You see movement, and an adrenaline rush sparks your own movement as you rush to van. You approach the driver's door cautiously and try to look inside through it's severely tinted windows. As you reach for the door's handle you immediately recoil in surprise; someone is shoving from the inside! With all your combined might you manage to crack open the bent frame of the drivers door enough to peek in.

What you see shocks you. The driver looks to be an older man with greying hair. His left leg is broken with the bone jutting out, obvious signs of concussion from the accident, and his right hand is clenched in pain over his stomach hiding some more obvious injury. Your eyes meet his and lock instantly. His heavy breathing hypnotizes you in that moment; the last breath of a dying man.

He stammers to speak, failing irrevocably. Struggling to understand him, you lean in closer. You notice blood is pooling down the side of the van by this point. He lifts his right arm to you, wrapped around it is a blue duffel bag. He painstakingly attempts to unravel it from his arm, and with all of his remaining conscious strength extends it out to you expectantly.

You freeze. That was a bullet wound in his stomach. You realize, possibly much too late, that there were bullet wounds all over the van as well. Your unsure what to do. You can't help this man, as it is he is too far gone for you to do anything. All you can do is watch. The newest realization sends chills down your bones. You wonder if you should even be helping him to begin with? These thoughts race through your mind as he lets loose a violent, bloody cough. You gives an abrupt gasp and through it, one audible and half-gargled word escapes, "Run." His arm drops as the last bit of light leaves his eyes, and then, the stranger is no more.

The blue duffel bag drops down to pavement in a symbolic thud, followed by the man who's crippled corpse only half hangs out, saved by a seat-belt. Cautiously, you for grab the bag just when a renewed sound of screeching tires and an over-revved engine fills the air.

The man said run, and perhaps that is exactly what you should do.

Well, What do you do?:

Health Good Equipment:

unopened blue duffel bag

MP n/a
Level unknown
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