Dinner with Melisandre

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They followed the Forrester girl to a smaller dining room where the woman, red and fiery and glowing, waited for them.

"Lord and Lady Stark, I am glad you could come", she greeted them as Robb kissed her hand. Robb didn't fail to notice that odd wording that seemed more appropriate for a Lord and his spouse than two siblings. Mira bowed her head and exited the room.

They sat down and started to eat Lamprey Pie, Honeyed Chicken, Lemon cakes and more. A strong wine was served.

"What do you know of the Lord of Light, Lord Stark?", the Red Woman asked Robb as he tasted some olives.

So this is why she invited us, he thought. "Not much", he admitted. "Only his fondness for fire. I trust in the Old Gods of the forest."

She smiled, a controlled, small smile that befit her ageless, beautiful face. "There is only one God, R'hllor. He alone stands against the coming night. Your house words are Winter is Coming, and what better weapon there is against the winter than fire?"

Robb frowned. "We don't see winter as an enemy to fight, but rather a force of nature to be respected."

Again, that slightly condescending smile. "Respect... or fear? The Night is dark, and full of terrors. The Lord of Light show the path, and he doesn't seek to rule other aspects of his followers' lives. The matrimony between brother and sister is not looked down upon among his followers, as it is with the Seven in Westeros."

Sansa stopped eating her lemon cake and turned dark red, Robb had to swallow as well. How could she know? Had someone heard them?

"We all know what happened with the Targaryens after they practiced incest for many generations", he just said, trying not to look Melisandre in the eyes. He felt like she could read his mind.

Smiling, Melisandre took a sip of her wine. "No matter, there are more important matters to discuss than the Targaryens." She turned to one of the servants. "Bring the girl in." The servant nodded and left the room.

On edge from the Red Woman's comments, Robb regarded his host coldly. "Who are you talking about."

"She was brought to us by a criminal, who had committed crimes against the crown. I believe you know of him? The Hound."

Sansa recoiled at the sound of his name. "He was an evil man who helped Joffrey torture me, before he left to find and kill my sister. I trust you killed him like the dog he was." Robb was surprised by how much hate his sister had inside of her.

"No, we were forced to let him go, with a bag of gold and a full pardon," Melisandre replied, taking another sip of wine.

Robb slammed his fist on the table. "That man has committed crimes against not only Stannis but my family! How could you let him go!"

"Calm yourself, Lord Stark. He had a hostage with him we felt was too valuable to let go. We trusted you would agree with our judgement."

"Who could possibly be so-" Robb stopped mid sentence when he saw who had entered the room. In a beautiful grey dress, with the stark sigil emblazoned on the chest, was Arya Stark. Her face lit up when she saw her siblings, and she ran over to Robb. He stood up and hugged her, Sansa soon rushing over and joining them. They hugged each other tight, all of them shedding tears. The family was whole again.

"Word of her arrival was brought to our attention shortly after your meeting with the King," Melisandre continued, "We would of brought her right to you, but we thought we would clean her and dress her first."

"Thank you," Robb replied, releasing his sisters from his grip, "If there is anything I can do for you, just ask."

"The war is over," Melisandre continued, standing up, "You have won King Stannis his crown. Now is the time to rejoice. I only ask that you prepare yourself for the coming winter. I must retire to my chambers now. I wish you a pleasant night." With that she exited the dinning room, leaving the Starks to catch up.

Arya explained how the Hound had found her, but believed it was in his best interest to ransom her instead of killing her. They all hugged again and retired to their chambers. Once in his room, Robb Stark sat down and wrote a few words to his mother at Winterfell that Sansa was safe. Just as he finished, there was a knock at the door. "Come in."

Who is it?

It's the Forrester Girl


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