Cuddle with Yulia

From Create Your Own Story

You climb off of Yulia's body and lay next to her. The two of you are on your sides, facing each other, and Yulia has a look on her face that is equal parts confusion and, you think, love. You aren't sure what to think of this as a spirit. On one hand, getting this girl to fall for you and admit that she's a lesbian makes your evil side cackle with joy at the possibilities. On the other hand, you've been a mischievous spirit for a long time. Maybe it's time to be nice for once.

In either case, you'll have to make her fall completely in love with you first.

"Don't you want me to-" she begins, but you cut her off with a kiss.

"Yulia, don't worry about it. All that was for you," you say, gazing into her eyes. To your surprise, they begin to tear up. "What? What's wrong?" you ask.

"Oh, nothing! Only... no one's ever been this kind to me before. Kaya, I... I'm glad you're my friend." Yulia plants a soft and tender kiss on your lips, then rests her forehead against yours.

You say:

You are possessing:
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