Call in Grey Wind

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Suddenly, Robb got an evil idea. He slowly ran his finger up and down his sisters slit, eliciting a moan from her.

"I'll be right back," Robb said softly, playing with Sansa's pussy.

"What," Sansa exclaimed, worried, "But if someone comes - "

Robb silenced her with a spank. 'You are MY toy, Sansa. If I want to play with you later, I will."

"Of course," Sansa replied, trembling, "Sorry Master." Robb grinned, pulled on his clothes, and left the room, leaving Sansa alone and afraid. She still couldn't move a muscle, so she was forced to lie there and wait.

Half an hour later, Robb returned, now with Grey Wind in tow. Startled by the noise, Sansa called out "Who's there?"

"It's only me, sweet sister," Robb replied, spanking her right butt cheek, "Just me and Grey Wind." At this, Sansa's ears perked up.

"If I may ask, why did you bring Grey Wind?" Sansa inquired.

Robb ran his hand across Sansa's body, touching her legs, her back, her neck, and finally resting on her ass. All the while, Grey Wind was following his masters hand with his eyes. He then dipped into Sansa's pussy, pushing his index finger into her folds. Sansa wanted to moan, but she felt weird doing so in front of her brothers dire wolf, so she remained silent.

"You are my toy," Robb said, swirling his finger in his sister's sex, "I can share you with whoever I want." With that, Robb pulled his finger out, and let Grey Wind lick Sansa's juices off. It took a few seconds for Robbs words to sink in, but once they did, Sansa was horrified.

"No, please Robb, not that, it's not right," Sansa struggled against her restraints, "Please, he's an animal."

Angered, Robb lashed out, landing a hit right on his sister's cunt. "Don't talk back to me," Robb said, calming down, relishing in his power, "Grey Wind is not a mere beast, he is a dire wolf. The dire wolf is the sigil of House Stark, your house. Or perhaps you have forgotten?" Sansa shook her head, tears forming in her eyes.

"You have served the Lion for too long," Robb continued, leading Grey Wind closer to Sansa. "You must now serve the dire wolf." On cue, Grey Wind jumped on the bed and began to sniff Sansa's most private reason. Sansa was shaking with fear, tears rolling down her cheeks. Robb walked in front of her and began to stroke her hair.

"Be calm, sweet sister," Robb soothed," This is what you wanted. To be dominated. Trust me, soon you will enjoy it." As he said that Grey Wind began to lick her pussy. Sansa gasped as the long, canine tongue exlpored her insides. Robb smiled as her disgust was slowly turning to arousal. Grey Wind lapped up her pussy juices and made Sansa scream

"Good girl," Robb said, tilting her head to look up at him, "Now on to the next step."

What's the next step?

Grey Wind takes her from behind

Grey Wind gets a blowjob.

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