Attack Jason with a guitar

From Create Your Own Story

"I'm gonna kick your ass!"

You grab a guitar near the bed and swing at Jason, whacking him on the shoulder. Swinging again, you knock over a lamp, the bulb bursting on impact. Jason ducks as you swing again, smashing the guitar on the dresser.

"Calm down," Yulia commands as she grabs you.

"Shut up, you whore!" you scream as you jab your elbow in her ribs and push her off. You start swinging your fists wildly at Jason and screaming at the top of your lungs as his band members come into the room. The boys grab you and walk you outside with your purse, blocking your way back into the house.

As you stand outside, you see a police car pulling up. As the officer steps out of the car, you realize the neighbors probably called because of the noise.

Do you:

You are possessing:
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