Alien Invasion

From Create Your Own Story

You turn on the TV and relax on the couch. You are about to change the channel to something other than news when suddenly the lady starts talking about U.F.Os.

"The local resident here in Manhattan report that they have seen U.F.O's up in the sky around noon" They lady on TV reports.

You turn up the voice on the TV to better hear the lady.

"How many U.F.O's did you see?" The lady asks questions the man who is wearing a New York Yankees shirt.

"There were about five of them, circling in the sky." The man answers.

"What did these U.F.O's look like?" The quickly asks the man.

"From what I saw they were just light grey circles. The color of steel." The mans answered starting to look nervous.

"When did..." You attention is diverted from the news to the sound of the front door bell.

Do you:

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