Agree to be with the statue-man and break his curse

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked and in the arms of a statue-man

Eternal youth and beauty with the perfect male specimen? One who can give you more orgasms with one screwing that you remember having in a week? Plus, how can you abandon him to such a fate? You feel the metal arms around you and the now-warm metal filling your womb, and imagine what his arms and cock will feel like when he's flesh again.

"Yes," you say. "Yes I will be with you. Now and forever, I'm yours."

The statue smiles...but it's not a romantic smile. In fact, it's downright creepy. "Excellent," he drawls.

He kisses you on the lips, and suddenly you feel a cold numbness creeping through your body. Every cell in your body hurts, and you scream helplessly, but his lips and bronze tongue smother it. Suddenly you realize what's happening to you! You're turning into bronze! You'll be a statue just like him!

"My curse has been loneliness," he whispers. "I cannot become flesh, but I can find a mortal to share my metallic eternity with."

You manage one last scream before your entire body is turned to bronze, his metallic cock still buried within you.


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