Accidental Piss Lovers

From Create Your Own Story

You are John Wilmington and stand at 5'6" tall. You have short brown hair and brown eyes. You are 20 years old with an athletic body. Your dick is 6" long with an average girth.

Your girlfriend is Nora Simpson and she stands at 5'8" tall. She has red hair and green eyes. She is 18 years old and also has an athletic body. She has A cup tits. She keeps her pubic hair shaved.

You don't mind her small tits, since you have always been an ass guy. It is her tight ass that drives you crazy. You know there are plenty of guys that like some fat on the asses of their women, if not a lot, but you prefer there to be no fat at all. Women with fat asses tend to hide that forbidden asshole, but a nice tight ass reveals everything. You have no problem with seeing your girlfriend's asshole with very little effort.

She is fun in bed and willing to try new things, but very inexperienced. She has been living with you since she turned 18 and could legally move out of her parents house, which was about 6 months ago. The problem is that you have to teach her just about everything.

The two of you started fucking about 6 months prior to her moving in with you. She was not a virgin when you met her, but that was just barely the case. She lost her virginity to some football player and he dumped her soon after. She has not been with anyone else, except for you, since that time.

You have been trying to get her to try anal for months, but that is something she has not been willing to do. You know you have plenty of time to get her to try it, but it would be nice if she were a little more open to the idea. For now, all you can do is fantasize about your dick in her tight asshole.

You are both showering together and she is currently under the faucet with her back turned towards you. You stare at her ass and immediately get hard. Her ass is incredible and you love to grab as much as possible. You see her spread her legs a little, and you know from experience that she is about to pee. You have seen her do this countless times and never thought anything of it until now.

You get the idea to stick your hard dick between her legs while she pisses. You have no idea why the idea popped into your mind, and you don't really care how it got there. The only thing you know is you want to put your dick between her legs and feel her piss on you.

Do you:

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