A different cock! Let’s go get that bartender now!

From Create Your Own Story

You stand up, leaving the pair on the floor, sweaty and covered in cum. You too, have Melinda’s saliva and James’ cum all over you. You return your cowgirl hat to the girl who lent it to you. As you do this, you look around for your dress and heels, which somehow have vanished. Noticing this, the hat girl speaks to you.

“Discarded clothes are normally collected by bouncers or other party-goers and left in the lobby. When you want them back, go there.”

“Thank you,” you respond, a little relived.

You smile as you walk away, knowing that at least a dozen eyes of bystanders are watching your perfect round ass strut towards the bar. You’ve decided to leave James and Melinda in pursuit of a different cock. Mostly because you’re thirsty and could really use a drink of something that the bartender might have to offer. He’s talking to a group of girls at the bar as you sit down, naked, at one of the leather bar stools. You feel yourself slide as you sit down and you’re not sure if it’s leftover from your dance floor romp or if the sight of the bartender is making you wet all over again. You look down towards the bar where the bartender is still talking to the group of girls. He’s tall and muscular, wearing a tight black shirt and jeans. His dark hair is gelled neatly and all you can think about it how you’d like to mess it up. You’ll have to make the right move though, since he’s probably used to getting hit on all the time. He finally makes his way towards you and smiles. His smile is somehow kind and mischievous at the same time.

“What can I get you?” he asks.

What’s your move?

Health Really Horny & Hormonal Location:

Ritz Night Club

MP 0
Level 1
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