101: Land Lake

From Create Your Own Story

You slowly descend towards the lake, praying some other paratroopers have tried to get there or at least have seen it. Finding yourself about to land on the grass surrounding it, just outside of a forest, you sigh and look around for anything to occupy your time. You check your gear, everything is perfectly fine. Your adrenaline is pumping from the sudden action in the plane and time is going slow, only a minute has passed. You look at the sky, you see plenty of paratroops above you but none are landing near the lake. Several planes are flying and two of them are on fire, yours is spinning out of control and you see it tear through from trees to your west until it finally comes to a stop, fire catching on some of the trees.

You realize the trees are coming close and look down, you are almost at your destination. Suddenly you feel something tugging at you and the wind pulls you west, towards the lake. You have no time to think about it, you are going into the lake! You submerge and find yourself unable to breath, quickly swiping in a vein attempt to break the surface under the water. You never learnt how to swim and suddenly wish as you attempt to get higher. Finally you find your head above water as you gasp for air before you are pulled back down. Your parachute!

You hastily try and find your knife as you are drowned by the cloth, finally grabbing the leather that is sticking out of its holster, you tear the knife from it. Time slows yet again as you find the cords on the parachute and saw them off. Finally the last and fourth one is gone and you try your best to mimic your brothers who both knew how to swim. Finding yourself making some progress and getting closer to air, you push with all your strength. Your head finally comes out of the prison and you breath as fast as you possibly can. You only landed a short way from the shore and you use all of your effort to simply stay afloat as you drift towards the small sand dune.

When you feel ground, you desperately drag your self up onto the lot, finding your whole entire body above water level, you fall onto your back. Staring at the planes and the AA guns firing at them. You try your best to breath slowly but you can not control your self as your lungs desperately fill themselves with precious oxygen.

Finally you are calm at the least, though you are tired from the event. You do a quick check of your gear and let out a sigh as you realize how much you lost. Your helmet is gone, as well as a grenade and your rifle. Your ammo is still with you of course. You also lost grip of your knife after you sawed away the cords.

You sigh, thinking of options.

Rifle lost in water! -1 Carbine M1-A1

Clip lost in water! -15 Rounds

Knife lost in water! -1 Trench Knife

Grenade lost in water! -1 Grenade

Helmet lost in water! -1 Helmet

Exhausted! -40 MP

Health 100 Equipment:

Carbine M1-A1 bullets (85), Grenade.

MP 80
Level 0
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