...stride over to the college-age boy and invite him home with you

From Create Your Own Story

You turn and glide over to the boy. "Hello," you say, using your sexiest voice. "I'm Petra."

"I-I'm Ken," he stammers in a very nervous tone.

"You don't have to be scared," you giggle. "I saw the way you were looking at me. I'm quite flattered, actually."

"Really?" Ken says, flashing a 500-watt smile.

"I think you're quite the handsome hunk, in fact," you grin, taking Ken's hand. "Shall we amble back to my bed -- er, house?"

Ken gulps and blinks in shock. "Uh, sure," he quavers. "I'd... like that."

15 minutes later, you and Ken are in your bedroom naked. You've got him restrained gently but securely with the scarves tied to your bed posts. You do a sexy shimmy, then turn around and wiggle your ass at him,. When you pivot back to face him his pole is fully erect. "I see you have a gift for me," you husk, wrapping your hand around his rod and stroking. Ken shudders at your touch.

"Petra..." he moans. "Oh... my..."

You climb onto the bed with him and lower your slit onto his face. You're juicing in moments as his tongue runs over your lower lips.

You are possessing:
Hot Middle-aged Brunette
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