"You were born to be my baby."

From Create Your Own Story

"Wonderful!" you say to Jack. You look at Tommy and say seductively, "You were born to be my baby... the best lover I've ever had."

You take the vial from Jack, who produces another vial. He divides the liquid into 2 roughly equal portions, and hands you and Tommy the vials. "Bottoms up, you two!" he says.

You down your vial, and Tommy swigs his. You take Tommy's hand and take him over to the bed.

Tommy plunges into you, having already warmed you up. He's clearly ready to take you, as he pounds into you hard and fast.

Within a few minutes, you both are on the point of orgasm. As you flood each other with your fluids, you feel a strange tingling sensation all over your body.

Tommy slides off you. "That was a weird feeling," he says.

You start to roll off the bed, and suddenly you feel a rush of desire for Tommy's body. You see him rolling back towards you. "It's like I can't get away from you," he says. "You're all I need."

"I feel.. the same," you say.

You spend the rest of your life with Tommy, on the bed. Your pussy is always happy.

The End

Health Tommy's Happy Lover, Forever Location:

The Paradise House

MP 0
Level 1
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