"You're on Len. Take me back to your place."

From Create Your Own Story

Len drives you to his place. His pick-up truck smells of smoke, earth and plants. Once inside his small apartment, he's all over you, and you tug his shirt off quickly, revealing his wide chest and strong arms. You slide down the front of him, undoing his belt and tugging down his grass stained jeans. You gasp at the sight of the burly stud's beautifully fat 8 1/2 incher. Len grips the back of your head in both hands as he rams his cock into your mouth. You choke a little on him, but the stud doesn't relent, and soon you've got your stride.

"First one's quick," he grunts, and his spunk fills your mouth. You swallow as fast as you can, and he grunts again, pushing himself as far into your mouth as he can for his second surge of cum. You lick him clean, and he tugs you to your feet, then lights a smoke, naked in front of you. He undresses you while he puffs away, rubbing your skin and particularly enjoying your smooth ass. You notice he's half hard again by the time he stubs out the cigarette, and you run your hands over his wide, hairy chest and thick arms.

He puts his thick biceps to use, throwing you onto his bed, tugging your jeans and underwear completely off, and rolling you high on your back. Holding your legs in the air, he dives into your ass with his tongue. You writhe on it, and and he drops you back down, aiming his fat pecker at your hungry pink pussy. His cock is long and thick, with a little curve in it, and you grin at him and hold your legs back up in the air.

He eats your ass for a bit longer, but soon you're moaning while he fingers your ass.

"Fuck," you gasp, as he puts a third finger in you.

"If you insist," he says, laughing, and he pulls his fingers out, squirts some lube onto your hole, and lines himself up. He shoves in, and leans both muscular arms on either side of your head. You watch the muscles play as he pushes in once, twice, and three times, picking up the pace a bit at a time. You roll your head back, and start panting as he slams his curved 8.5" dick in you over and over.

"Happy... Birthday!" he grunts, and drops a load deep inside you.

True to his word, he lights up after he cums. Once he's done, he stubs out the cigarette and dives at you again. By the time you're both ready to sleep, the smell of three of his cigarettes float about in his bedroom, mingling with the taste of cum on your lips, and the slick sore feel of your ass.

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