"Take me home and find out."

From Create Your Own Story

"All right," he says, and you leave the bar together. He has a car, and he drives you back to his place. It's pretty far, and by the time you get there, the buzz you had going is starting to wane, and you're almost staggering by the time he gets you into his apartment.

He's pretty cool about it, though. He settles for a blow-job, which you rally enough to deliver. It's a shame you're so tired because his dick is massive, easily the biggest you've seen. The monster is thick, veiny, and uncut. He spews a load mostly into your mouth, and then tucks you into bed with him, pressing his hairy chest against your back, and tucking his dick against your ass cheeks. Your eyes grow heavy, and you drift off, thinking that the first two things you're gonna do in the morning are ask the bouncer his name, and ask him to fuck you ragged with that huge cock.

(The end - please send feedback to [email protected])

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