"Sit down and masturbate yourself to orgasm."

From Create Your Own Story

"If that's what I gotta do...," she says.

She sits down on the nearest bench. She places one leg up on the bench next to her and stretches her other leg out in front of her. She squeezes one of her tits with one hand and rubs the fingers of her other hand up and down her slit. First one, then two fingers slide in between her labia.

"I'm doing it, mister," she says. "I'm masturbating for you."

Your dick throbs inside your pants. The squishing sounds her fingers make as she pumps her pussy make your balls tingle.

Then the other redhead comes out.

"Liz!" she exclaims. "What are you doing?"

"He won't give back our soap unless I masturbate to orgasm," the first redhead says. "Hey, mister, now that Beth's out here, you're gonna want her to masturbate, too, right?"

Do you have the redheads:

Health Horny Location:

The Gym

MP 0
Level 2
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