"Shut up and fuck."

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"No, I won't shut up," she says. "I..."

You shut her up by mashing your lips into her. She tries to keep talking, but you take advantage of the oppotunity to slip her some tongue. She struggles, but with your prick wedged inside her snatch there's no way for her to avoid your mouth.

You get your hips moving again and once you've got your fuck rhythm going strong and steady, she stops struggling so much to break your kiss. Her tongue wrestles with yours as you pump her pussy. She moans into your mouth and you pick up the pace. Your breathing grows heavier. Her limbs tremble.

You let her break the kiss so she can scream. Her climax rips through her, shaking her from head to toe. Her trembling twat carries you over the edge and your alredy swollen prick feels like it's swelling even more inside her. You blow an enormous wad of splooge into her womb.

"You still... have to answer me," she huffs while you're trying to recover your breath. "Do you... want to be stuck... inside me? Forever?"

Do you answer:

Health Horny Location:

The Clothing Department

MP 0
Level 1
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