"Send in Stephanie and Kara."

From Create Your Own Story

"They'll be happy to see you," Janice giggles. "It won't be but a few minutes."

Stephanie and Kara must live close by, because Janice is right. A very short time later, you hear footsteps coming down the stairs.

"Hi!" a cheerful, girlish voice says. "I'm Stephanie. I brought my cousin, Kara -- she and I always do this together."

"Janice told you about us, yes?" comes a second voice. "I'm Kara. Well, let's get the action started."

You feel the pain as the two cousins carefully slice into your arms. You clench your jaw and shut your eyes tightly, trying to prevent tears from flowing.

They finally stop with your arms. "Let's do his back," you hear Stephanie say. "I'll take the left side, you get the right."

The sensation as they cut into the flesh of your back surprises you. There is pain, yes, but it's mixed with... pleasure? You feel a blade cutting into your flesh next to your spine, and your rod begins stiffening. By the time the women decide you've had enough, you're fully erect.

"Look, Steph," Kara says. "That's unusual." She reaches down and strokes you.

They quickly clean and dress your wounds, before releasing you and turning you over. They are both young, blonde and beautiful -- and topless. You seem to get even harder than you were already.

"I think he likes us," Stephanie says. She looks at you. "Can't let that nice thing go to waste, now."

Health Horny Location:

The Slicing Chamber

MP 0
Level 1
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