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Remembering what the boy told you over the phone, you tell the guy the password is semen. He lets you into the house, and you're greeted by racks of hula skirts and leis. The person managing costumes is a young boy, no more than 18, and very handsome. You skim through the hula skirts, find one your size, and move into a side room to put it on. The grass skirt leaves nothing to the imagination, and you can feel the air on your pussy when you move. Most of your twat peeks through the skirt when you walk.

You do come across a problem however. The dollar-store quality costumes don't come in every size. While you find a nice skirt, you can't find a fitting top to cover your large melons.

You spend a while in the changing room, and eventually the young costume attendant walks in.

"What's taking so... long," he says as he sees your current state. "Holy... those are some big melons. Can I have a taste?"

And the next thing you know he's sucking on your tits.

Do you:

Health Horny and Hormonal Location:

Party House

MP 0
Level 1
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