"Qui-Gon can handle it. Meanwhile, I can handle you"

From Create Your Own Story

With this response you continue your fucking, this time doing something more. He starts to put his cock into your mouth, but you push him to the ground and promptly put his pulsating cock into your wet, 14-year old, "secret tunnel".

He is surprised by your sudden actions, obviously not expecting to get so lucky. As you feel him push into you he says, "Are you sure about this? I wasn't even daring to hope I might get this."

You laugh and reply, "Well, you certainly aren't objecting!" With this you feeling renew his efforts.

An Hour Later

After cumming in you time after time, Obi-Wan says that he must go find his master. After cleaning up and getting dressed you shortly run into them. You find they were successful in the fight, and you make up a story about sneaking in and fighting reinforcements.

Obi-Wan then tells his master he will be leaving the Jedi Order, receiving a shocked look from Qui-Gon. He explains how you two are going to get married soon and Qui-Gon, after much conversing, allows you two to get married. It's a good thing too, for no doubt you've gotten yourself pregnant.

Six years later You are now twenty years old and ruler of your kingdom, ruling alongside Obi-Wan. You have four children, the results of late night in bed with your king. You live happily and fuck your handsome husband every night.


Star Wars: The Complete Erotic Saga
Padme Amidala
The Phantom Menace

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