"Punish me for my disobedience, so that I might learn from my mistakes."

From Create Your Own Story

"Yes," the prince says, "your conduct has been most unbecoming. You are hardly fit to be called a princess."

You're enjoying all this too much to complicate things by explaining to the prince that that's because you're from a very different world, and until recently you weren't even a woman, let alone a princess. Instead you cast down your eyes and say, "I am sorry. Please teach me how to behave so that I might please you."

You think he's going to launch into a long lecture about etiquette, but instead he rips the lavender dress from your body, leaving you completely exposed. "You are not worthy of a princess's clothing," he tells you. "You are not even worthy of the clothing of a common servant, you are so uncouth. You will remain naked until you have learned better manners."

It's only then that he seems to notice your nakedness: your curvy breasts and the erect nipples on top of them, the wetness of your crotch ... He puts a hand to your pussy and you shudder with need. His touch has your body building towards what you think might be its first ever orgasm as a female.

He slides a finger inside you, feeling your wetness. You see his eyes widen in surprise at how turned on you are, but that's nothing to the expression on his face when you suddenly feel yourself come uncontrollably around his finger, squeezing it tightly.

"This is your problem," the prince says. "You have no self-control. You must be trained to behave more properly. It is right that you are aroused by me, but you must not simply take your pleasure for yourself as you feel. You must think first and always of your prince."

He pulls his finger out as your pussy relaxes, and to your surprise turns and walks out of the dungeon.

At first, you simply slump in post-orgasmic bliss, your head lolling forwards, not caring about the strain on your arms and legs of your body relaxing. But after a while, you wonder when or if he's going to be coming back.

Just when you're pondering your options, the prince returns, carrying a cloth sack.

"You must be trained," he announces without preamble. "But you may choose how." He pulls out a sturdy whip from the bag. "If you wish, I will use physical pain to punish you whenever you transgress." He cracks the whip and it flies out, the tip grazing your inner thigh just below your cunt. He may be a little inexperienced sexually, your prince, but you realise he's probably been learning to ride since before he could really walk.

His hand disappears back inside the bag and pulls out a strange contraption that it takes you a moment to realise is a chastity belt. "Or, you may learn self-control by having control imposed upon you. You will wear this at all times, except on those occasions when I decide you have behaved well enough for long enough that you deserve a reward.

"Finally," the prince says, "you may learn through a constant reminder of your lowliness." He pulls another object out of the bag; it just about fits into his hand but again you find it hard to work out what it is. "This will remain up your arse at all times, reminding you of your submission to your liege." That's when you realise that it's a butt plug, the largest one you've ever seen by quite some margin.

"What is your choice?" the prince asks.

You accept:

Health Horny & Female Location:

Fairytale Castle

MP 0
Level 3
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