"Please attach the vibrators to make me spurt, Mistress."

From Create Your Own Story

"Okay," Missy says. She retrieves two vibrators and secures them to either side of your stiff pole. When she turns them on, the pleasure is incredible.

"Uh!" you gasp. "Wow... that feels..."

"Do you have a big load in there, slave?" Missy giggles. She gently tilts your rod so that your cum won't hit her.

"Oh, Mistress," you moan. "I..."

Your voice becomes a cry of passion as you feel your balls tingle. You fire jet after jet of cum into the air. The cum lands on your belly, with a spurt or two on your chest. Missy scoops some up and licks it off of her fingers. "Nice," she purrs. "Now rest." She deactivates the vibrators and removes them from your rod.

You suddenly realize how tired you are. Missy begins caressing your face and your eyes close. "I like you, slave," she whispers. You fade into sleep...

When you awaken, you're no longer bound, but a collar-and-leash is around your neck and attached to a ring in the wall. Missy is naked and standing by the bed with a smile. "The washroom is over there," she says, pointing to a small room you didn't see before. "The kitchen is on the other side." Your eyes find a room opposite the washroom. "I am very happy with you, slave. You have earned the freedom to walk around. I must run an errand, but when I return, would you like me to bring a friend of mine for you to service? Mathilda is about my height, but heavy. She's in her early 30's, cute, brunette, and her best feature is her large chest."

Health Horny Location:

Missy's Dungeon

MP 0
Level 4
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