"Please, I’m sorry."

From Create Your Own Story

"H'mmm," Wendy says. "You do look like you need a release. How sorry are you?"

"Anything! I'll do whatever you want!" you cry out.

She smiles seductively and lowers her pussy onto your mouth. You get the idea and begin licking.

Her sweet honey tastes wonderful. You lick her clean before sliding your tongue inside her slit. You swirl your tongue around, trying to get every drop of her juice. She moans and begins grinding herself against your face, clamping her legs around you as she moves. You lick even harder and are soon rewarded with a flood of juice from her as her body quivers with pleasure.

She reaches down, still sitting on your face, and unties the string from your dick. "Lick me again," she says huskily. "Make me cum."

You get to work and soon have her flooding your face again. "Good job," she purrs, getting off you. "Your turn to cum."

She strokes you rapidly, and in seconds you release a torrent of spunk. "Feel better, babe?" Wendy says. She writes an address on a slip of paper. "My house," she says. "Remember, you said you'd do anything I want. Be there tonight at 7:00 sharp, or you'll be sorry."

You lay there, exhausted from your activities. Wendy unties your hands. She quickly dresses and kisses you on the lips. "See you, lover," she husks. "You're good. Remember, don't be late."

She tosses you out of the tent, packs it up and jogs off.

Health Horny Location:

The Park

MP 0
Level 2
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