"On second thought, I've chosen on my own to stay for a while."

From Create Your Own Story

"Smart and handsome," Charlie smiles. "You're a good man."

She lies you on the bed, lowers her pussy onto your tongue, and you lick her to three quick orgasms. She leans over, wraps her mouth around your pole, and within seconds has you shooting your load down her throat.

"Time to rest," she purrs, positioning herself so she can lie next to you.

You nestle against her and close your eyes as she turns out the light. She wraps her arms around you, gives the nape of your neck a gentle kiss and the two of you pass out.

When you wake, you hear Charlie in the washroom. After she returns, you proceed there, then climb back into bed with her.

"I have three hours before I have to leave for my shift," Charlie giggles. She secures your body against hers and places your head between her breasts.

Health Horny Location:

Charlie's Apartment

MP 0
Level 1
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