"Nothing sexual here. Just two redheads giving me a bath with their huge knockers."

From Create Your Own Story

Liz smiles as she presses up against you. "Don't forget - they're 36DDs..."

Your cock throbs as the sight of her big boobs seeps through your mind and into your sub-conscience. Those huge things are barely flopping as they massage your chest. She is all natural and all perk. Behind you Beth is pressing her gravity-defying assets into your back. You feel her tits slide down your side as she rubs your thigh with them, her hard nipples digging into your skin.

Your raging boner is constantly being rubbed by Liz's abdomen and pelvic region as she washes you with her big boobs. She doesn't seem to care or even notice.

Beth's boobs are now giving your leg a royal tit-treatment and since you have your hands down at your sides you can feel them sliding around. You turn your hand around and feel one of her giant orbs fill your grasp, and your cock twitches from the added excitement. You want nothing more than to squeeze that big melon of hers, but you promised them no touching...

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Health Horny Location:

The Gym

MP 0
Level 2
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