"Me, naked, making slow, sweet love to you."

From Create Your Own Story

"Is that so?" Madame Emalia replies. "Well, first I'll have to see if you meet my standards. Remove your clothes."

You stand up, replace the crystal ball in its holder, and slowly begin undressing. Madame Emalia, you notice, is doing the same. As she strips, your cock grows to its full length.

By the time you're both naked, your cock is not only hard but throbbing as you look at the beautiful gypsy. She reaches a hand down and wraps it around your pole.

"Your cock is acceptable," she says. "Now, how would you like to warm me up? Unlike you, I cannot be instantly ready for lovemaking."

Health Horny Location:

The Fortune Teller's Tent

MP 0
Level 4
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