"Let me think it over."

From Create Your Own Story

"Let me help you with your... thinking," Rayne giggles. She reaches down and strokes your rod to its full hardness in seconds. Her touch is electric.

Jenna smiles. "Let me help you make your decision, too," she purrs. She slides upwards on the bed, then positions herself with her slit just above your lips. You slide your tongue out and begin licking her honey off her dripping pussy.

Rayne mounts your stiff dick and begins sliding up and down on you. It feels like she's trying to suck your life-force out through your cock, as her hungry cunt squeezes you every time you thrust into her.

Jenna is white-hot from your attentions, and it doesn't take long for her to flood you with her ambrosia. You swallow as much of her sweet nectar as you can, licking it off her flesh.

Rayne's gripping box has you ready to explode in mere moments. Her legs clamp around you with supernatural strength as she shudders with pleasure. "I'm cumming!" she screams. Her climax sets you off, and you fill her with your sperm. All of you collapse onto the bed and a jumble of limbs.

A few minutes later, Rayne is nestled against you to your right, with her eyes closed. Jenna is on your left, lying with her head against your neck. She looks as exhausted as you feel.

Jenna gently presses her fangs against your neck. "Well, lover, should I...?" she mumbles, as her eyes seem to be closing of their own volition.

Your own eyelids feel like they're made of lead.

Health Horny Location:

Vampiress’ Castle

MP 0
Level 1
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