"Let's go back to your place."

From Create Your Own Story

"Good idea, fuckboy," the bouncer says, and uncuffs you. Your hand goes to your dick, but he takes them away.

"You don't come until I give you permission," he says, and you awkwardly tug your pants back up and stuff your hard cock - still tied off at the balls - into your jeans.

The ride back to the bouncer's house is short, and you spend the night with him. He strips, revealing a wide chest covered with short dark hairs, and fucks you again in his bedroom, then bends you over his knees and spanks your ass with his hand until you're sobbing. He rams you with dildoes, and belts you with straps, and makes you eat his ass, and lick his balls. You crawl on the floor and lick his toes, and eventually he allows you to jerk off at his feet, undoing the strap tied around your balls. When you come, he nods, and lets you crawl under the covers with him.

"First thing in the morning," he says, as you start to drift off, "you get that mouth on my dick, you hear me?"

"Yes, sir," you say, and fall asleep, ass aching, and balls throbbing.

Best birthday ever.

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