"Let's all grab the showers on either side of him, and finish off the night in style."

From Create Your Own Story

You take the shower to the blond's right, and he glances at you, flushing a little.

"Hi," you say. The Italian comes up behind you, and wraps one hand around your waist.

He smiles, and then realizes the gray haired man has taken the shower on his left. You watch as a blush creeps up his neck.

The daddy reaches out behind him, taking the soap from the blond's hand just as the blond is rubbing it between his ass cheeks.

"Can I use that?" the daddy asks, and you notice he trails two fingers between the blond's ass cheeks as he takes the soap from the young man's hand.

The blond nods, and shivers, and watches as the daddy rubs the soap across his chest, getting his muscles lathered up. His blue eyes lock on the blond as he moves the bar of soap lower, to his already hard cock. You reach past the blond, grazing his dick with your fingers, and take the bar of soap when the gray haired man has it pressed against his cock. The boy watches you pass the soap to the Italian, who rubs the soap on your crotch, then you lean forward and rinse it free. The two of you step into the same shower as the blond, and the daddy does the same, pressing the young man between all three of your soapy bodies.

You kiss the blond, who is a little shorter than you, feeling his hard dick pressed against your own. He responds, kissing you back, and sliding his hands up your chest. You take his shoulders, and continue to make out with him.

"Yeah, that's it boys, make out for daddy," the gray haired man says in a low voice. His arms wrap around your back, tugging you into the blond.

"Very hot," the Italian says, and his hands take the boy's thighs, tugging him against you.

You break off the kiss, and start sliding down the blond boy's body, kissing his neck, and chest, and stomach, and then taking his cock into your mouth, cupping his shaved balls in one hand. He moans, and presses his dick into your mouth. The gray haired man's hands slide down to the blond's waist, and he grinds himself against him. The Italian leans forward, and kisses the blond, who reaches up with one hand to touch the man's thick hairy chest.

You let the boy's dick fall out of your mouth, the hot shower water spraying down his body and onto your face. You look up at him. The Italian breaks the kiss.

"I think daddy wants to fuck you," you say.

"He can tell," the gray haired man laughs, rubbing his cock against the blond's ass. "Can't you?"

The blond nods. The Italian steps to the side, putting his mouth close the blond boy's ear. "You want that daddy cock up your ass, don't you?"

The blond nods again.

You reach up and take the blond boy's hands, tugging him so he leans forward, and he braces himself against the tiled wall. Then you slurp his cock back into your mouth and start tugging on his balls. A moment later, you feel his crotch pushed into your face, and you know the daddy delivery man has driven his cock home. You look up, and see the Italian take his dick in one hand, and push two fingers into the blond boy's mouth with the other. The blond starts to suck them.

"Fuck yeah," the older man says, and the blond lets out a long moan.

The gray haired man doesn't waste time, and soon you can feel he's fucking the boy at a rough and quick pace. You suck on his dick, which hardens in your mouth, and tug his balls around in the hot spray of water until you feel him hitch and jerk on his feet, and your mouth fills with the young blond's seed. A moment later, you hear the gray haired man grunt loudly, followed by the Italian, whose cocks sprays cum across the blond's stomach and thigh.

You swallow the blond's load, and rise slowly. The daddy pulls out of his ass, then takes the blond's shoulders, and pushes him down.

"Return the favor, boy," he says, in a low, growly voice. He winks at you, and you smile as the boy slurps your cock and starts sucking with abandon.

You clamp one hand on the back of the blond's wet head, pushing him onto your dick, and then use the other hand to tug the Italian in for a kiss. His tongue is hot in your mouth, and you blow your wad into the blond's mouth quickly. He gags and chokes a little, letting your cock out of his mouth.

He rises, blushing. The four of you stand there a moment longer, but then the blond quickly rinses himself off, then goes for his towel, leaving the room.

"I think he's embarrassed," you say. The delivery men laugh.

The three of you take longer to clean up, using some soap and lathering up. When you're done, you head back to the locker room - you can't help but glance into room number four, where someone suspiciously blond and lean seems to be struggling to eat the giant man's cock - and get dressed.

The older man smiles at you as you zip up your pants, and gives your ass a smack. The Italian gives you another rough kiss.

"I'll give you a lift home," the gray haired man says. The two of you head back to his truck.

You stand in the opening holding onto a leather strap while the gray haired man drives you home, and crawl into bed with a very satisfied smile on your face.

Happy birthday, indeed.

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