"Jimi Hendrix!"

From Create Your Own Story

She looks down at you, smiling. "2 for 2. Although I bet you looked it up. Anyways, here's your second reward." She removes the leaf from her breasts. Her teats puff out as she lowers herself you your face. "Now get sucking, if you want to get to the next question." Ready, you lick and suck at her breasts, making her moan. "Come on, suck my milk out already," she croons, and you happily oblige. It tastes like a mixture of milk and the drag you had before getting here. You suddenly feel the high from her milky mix, which makes it even sweeter. The flow suddenly increases, milk squirting from her uncapped breast. You try to swallow as much as you can, but some still spills from the corner of your mouth. She recovers for a second, and then laughs, licks some milk from your cheek clean, and stands up. "That was good. I feel much lighter. But you still have a long ways to go. No cheating this time. Next question: What is my name?"

Health Horny Location:

The Pot Queen's Throne Room

MP 0
Level 1
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