"I would like Callie to take me with her when she goes home."

From Create Your Own Story

Missy laughs out loud. "Don't you have a home of your own? Or do you just like being dominated and enslaved by sexy women?"

You manage a smile, although you're shocked at how well Missy read your mind. "Are you psychic as well?" you ask Missy. "That last is exactly what was in my head."

Callie chimes in. "If you really want to go home with me, I'd love to use and abuse your body some more."

"Then it's settled," Missy says. She wraps her arm around your neck and squeezes.

When you regain consciousness, you're lying naked on a sofa. Callie is sitting on a chair nearby. "Welcome to my home," she says. "Let's go to my play room."

Callie reaches down and lifts you off the sofa, slinging you over her shoulder like a sack of grain. She walks into a room completely covered -- walls, ceilings, and floor -- with padding. Hooks on the padded walls hold a large variety of instruments designed for sexual use and domination role-play. A padded platform about 3 feet off the ground in the center of the room is clearly the focus. It is about the size of a queen-size bed, and it is where Callie drops you off of her shoulder, momentarily knocking the wind out of you. By the time you recover, Callie has your body firmly secured by the wrists and ankles with padded handcuffs.

"As you can see," Callie says. "I believe in making my slaves comfortable. Do you like my outfit?"

You drink in her body, naked but for a pair of black leather boots. Callie shimmies sexily, and you instantly get hard. Callie ties off your cock expertly.

"How would you like to worship me, stud?" Callie purrs.

You suggest that...

Health Horny Location:

Callie's Play Room

MP 0
Level 4
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