"I want to stay here."

From Create Your Own Story

No sooner do you say the words than the bouncer grins, tugs the gag back over your mouth, and goes to his back pack, leaving you sprawled in the bathroom stall. He comes back a few minutes later, and roughly lifts you and carries you to one of the urinals on the wall. He uncuffs your hands, and then takes both your wrists, and re-cuffs them around the top of the urinal, where the pipe reaches it. He grunts.

"There you go," he says, "almost done."

He pulls something out of his back pack, and you feel something move across your shoulders.

"There," he says, and slaps your ass one more time, making you yelp into the gag. Then he reaches into the bag one more time and blindfolds you.

"I'll be back in the morning," he says, pressing his lips close to your ear. "Have fun."

Then he leaves.

Without any way to see, time passes slowly, but the first time you hear a vehicle pull into the parking lot, you start to shake, terrified. When the door opens, and a man's voice says, "What the..." and then trails off, you turn your head, but can't see anything due to the blindfold.

The voice chuckles, and then says, "That so, huh?" Footsteps approach, and hands brush over your body, paying special attention to your ass. You let out a murmur, more than a little afraid, but incredibly turned on - your dick, still tied off, bobs in front of you.

The stranger spits, and fucks you up against the urinal, leaving his load in your ass to trickle down your legs. Then he pisses into the urinal beside you, breathing heavily, and leaves without washing his hands.

It happens five more times before the bouncer returns. When he undoes your blindfold, you catch a glimpse of your naked back in the mirror, and see backwards writing done in black magic marker across your skin: "Horny fuckboy wants it."

The bouncer unties you, and drives you home, where you collapse into bed, exhausted, sore inside and out, and grinning.

Best birthday ever.

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