"I want to be your bitch as long as I get a raise."

From Create Your Own Story

"I think that's fair," Ms. Pierce replies. "I could use a personal assistant."

She rapidly dictates something to her secretaries, Mina and Dina. Five minutes later, they return with a contract. Ms. Pierce hands you a pen.

You take the contract and quickly read through it. Your salary will be increased by $3,000 per month, but in return, you will have to utterly obey every order Ms. Pierce gives you at work. You have a feeling a lot of those orders are going to be sexual in nature.

You sign, and hand it to Ms. Pierce. She signs and hands it to Dina, who takes it to be filed and then returns.

"I think we should try you out on one of them," Ms. Pierce says, indicating Mina and Dina with her eyes. "As your first task as my new personal assistant, you will lick one pussy. Pick either Mina or Dina."

Health Horny Location:

Ms. Pierce's Office

MP 0
Level 1
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