"I want Liz"

From Create Your Own Story

You grab Liz by her waist and hoist her into the air. She yelps as Beth pouts. You lift Liz up and bring her down oh so close to the head of your penis. You can feel the heat of her clam against the tip of your cock, and you tease her little pussy with the end of your member.

"Are you going to fuck me now?" she asks innocently, pussy juice leaking from her slit.

"You were more hesitant than your sister to suck my dick," you say inquisitively. "Why?"

She looks at you deeply, her vagina centimeters from enveloping your dick.

"I was so attracted to you," she says, her eyes looking deeply into yours. "I was too scared. But once I had your dick in my mouth I knew... I wanted you to be the one."

With that you pull her body down, your cock neatly spearing her pussy. She yelps again, the length of your fully engorged cock stretching her insides like nothing she's ever felt before!

"Ohhhhh, you feel good, baby," she says, you thrusting into her sopping pussy amid the drizzle of the shower.

You let her down, pushing her into the shower wall and thrusting into her tight snatch. She moans, kissing you fully, as you caress her pillowy breasts in her hands. You pound her ass into the tile wall, pounding her velvety slit as hard as you can as her tight lips squeeze your shaft just right. She moans uncontrollably, saying your name and begging for more, your cock reaching far down into her love tunnel. You feel your balls clench and you attempt to keep fucking without blowing your load. Liz senses a change in your demeanor and intuitively understands.

"Cum inside me," she screams, her body writhing, her massive breasts trembling. "I want to feel you fill me up," she says, moaning all the while. "I want you to fill me with your cum, I want you to OOHHHhmm," she moans after a particularly deep thrust. "Fuck me," she breathes. "Give it all to me."

Health Horny Location:

The Gym

MP 0
Level 2
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