"I want Daddy's cock in my ass."

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Mac's smile turns a little mean. "Oh, is boy making demands on Daddy?" He shakes his head. "It's a good thing Daddy is in a good mood, boy. He'll give you exactly what you asked for." He smiles again, in a way that makes your stomach clench - like he's got something not entirely pleasant in store for you. "Now strip, boy."

Mac watches you strip with a leer, enjoying as you take off your pants and underwear in front of him. He grins as he steps out of his jeans and pulls his sleeveless shirt over his head, revealing a wide chest and thick body that's covered with dark hair. The scent of him, already present in the room, grows stronger. He moves towards you, then puts one big paw in the middle of your chest, pushing you backwards onto the bed. You fall onto your back with a little yelp.

He moves forward, striding between your legs and grabbing you beneath your knees, one leg in each hand. He shoves hard - he's very strong - and you roll high onto your back and then up awkwardly on your shoulders and neck. You reach out wildly with your hands to grip the bed and steady yourself.

The man's short beard is a rough scratch between your ass cheeks as he leans forward, still holding you up in the air, and spreads your legs far enough apart to get his tongue between your cheeks and at your pucker. He licks broadly, once, twice, a third time - and you're whimpering in pleasure at the feel of his grip and the strokes of his tongue. He does it a few more times - you gasp and writhe, awkwardly balanced, and then he pulls back, letting your legs fall.

"That'll do for daddy's comfort," he says.

He reaches down, and you watch him work his zipper. He seems to have trouble pulling it down due to the pressure his dick exerts on the crotch of his jeans. You realize, from the explosion of thick, black pubic hair, that the man is not wearing any underwear. Finally, the pants are undone and the monster is unleashed.

You gasp again, rising on your elbows and unconsciously pushing a bit further away on the bed.

Mac's mule cock is one of the biggest - and ugliest - you've ever seen. But rather than turning you off, the beastly appearance of his uncut meat is unbelievably arousing. The oversized shaft is gnarled with huge, raised veins and the bloated head is a bright purple and covered with dick slime. It looks more like some wild animal's throbbing organ than a man's! The raunchy odor of it wafts up to your nostrils and makes your head swim with horny need. The large hairy man takes his cock in one hand and slaps it against the palm of his other hand. A drop of precome hits your thigh. He smiles at you.

"Now what was it boy asked for?"

Before you even have time to respond, though, the burly stud leans forward, grabs you by the waist, drags you back bodily, spreads your thighs and brutally impales you on his drooling horsecock. You cry out and he leans over you, one hand grabbing your shoulder, the other cupping your ass - both hands gripping you with iron strength as he rams himself completely to the balls with only the bare swipes of his spit for lubrication.

"Fuck," you cry out, eyes filling and spilling with tears. Your voice is a tiny noise against the roaring heat and pain of his cock inside you. You can't catch your breath with his meat inside you - it's like he's splitting you in half. "Fuck!"

"If you insist," Mac laughs. The man's thick legs are soon working as he begins pummeling into you in brutal fuck. Your small body bounces up and down on the bed, pinned beneath his hairy body. He soon grows sweaty, the room filling with his musk, but he doesn't slow down, ramming you hard, every thrust filling you with bursts of white hot pain and a heat of a different kind spreading in your gut. You make one long inarticulate cry, and he laughs all the louder.

"That's what boy wants, isn't it? Daddy's cock in his ass..." Mac growls. "Yeah, that's daddy's ass now, ain't it, boy?" He lets go of your shoulder and grips your waist, pulling you until you realize he's going to roll you over without fully removing his dick at any point. He rolls you onto your stomach without pause, pulling your waist up as you twist on his dick, and you whimper and moan at the way his cock slams into you all the while. He tugs you hard until you rise up onto your hands and knees, and then he rams his dick into you with even harder thrusts, pushing you physically up the bed and forcing him to climb up after you. His hands grip your waist so tight you know he's bruising you.

When your head hits the headboard, he rolls you again, and once you're on your back again, he leans over you, pushing your legs high into the air, and driving himself deep over and over. His eyes lock on yours.

"Grab your fucking ankles, boy," he snaps. You obey. You're barely making any noises now, so hard is it to catch your breath. He makes it even harder a moment later when he shifts his hands to grip your chest, his thumbs and forefingers twisting your nipples, his palms flat and pressing against your chest. You gasp for breath and twist under him, pinned, feeling his sweat drip onto you, his horse dick ripping into your hole, and watching the thick veins appear in his neck as he fucks you.

"You want it, boy?" he asks.

"Yes!" you gasp, barely breathing now. His thumbs and fingers work your nipples again and you feel your own load erupt between your stomach and his - his hairy belly rubbing your spunk all across your skin.

Then, as offered, he lifts your legs onto his sweat-slick hairy shoulders, and he pumps his hot seed deep in your guts. Mac cums like a gorilla - huffing and puffing and grunting as he thoroughly inseminates you.

After he cums, the big ugly hunk is surprisingly tender. He undoes your wrist restraints and pulls you into the hotel bed with him him. Mac's rubbery dick is softening, yet it's still crammed up your ass. He wraps you in his big arms and pulls you into his chest. You nestle your face against the humid blanket of fur and sigh.

"I think I'm fallin' in love..." The man mumbles before falling asleep. His thunderous snores fill the room.

Against your better judgment, you realize Mac just might be the man of your dreams. Who knows what the future will hold?

Best Birthday Ever.

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