"I think I'm gonna head home with Don and the daddy here, Mac. Sorry."

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Mac grunts, pulling his finger out from the back of your jeans and stalking off deeper into the bar.

Don smiles at you. "This is Dave," he says, gesturing to the burly older man in the Daddy T-shirt.

You nod, feeling yourself blush. "Hi."

Don and Dave smile, and Dave leans forward and plants a rough, possessive kiss on your lips. They lead you out of the bar - the bouncer catches your eye long enough to give you a thumbs-up - and you find yourself pressed between the two big hairy men in a pick-up truck.

Their home isn't too far away, and before you even really make it through the front door, Don is undoing your belt and Dave is rubbing his rough hands across your chest. They strip you in the front hall and then lift you bodily - Don by your feet, Dave by your shoulders - and they carry you, laughing and chuckling, to their bedroom. They throw you onto the bed, and then strip themselves. Dave's dick is uncut and thick, and as they both crawl onto the bed, you feel your mouth watering. Don laughs at the hungry look on your face, and settles in behind you.

"Dibs on his ass!" Don says, and Dave laughs, shifting around to the top of the bed, where he spreads his legs, and tugs your head by your hair onto his dick. You start to suck him, and his sweaty taste makes you moan a little. Don moves about on the bed a bit, and then your ass is suddenly under assault from his hot tongue and scratchy beard. The mix of sensations has you writhing in no time, and Dave keeps your face firmly planted on his cock while you try to buck back against Don's hot tongue. His saliva is dribbling down your thighs, and he spits into your ass every few seconds.

"I think he wants you to fuck him," Dave says, and you let out a little moan around his thick cock.

"Sounds like," Don's voice says, as he comes up for air. He shifts again behind you, and you feel the hot head of his cock braced against your spit-slicked hole.

Dave tugs your hair, pulling his hard cock from your mouth to let it slap against your cheek. You gasp in a breath.

"That right? You want to get mauled, pup? You want to get fucked good?"

"Yes!" you breathe.

Don shoves into your ass with a rough lunge, and you yelp. Dave shoves your face back onto his hard dick and you try to suck him while Don batters at your ass with rough, angry thrusts. You're nearly gagging on Dave's meat, which spears your throat every time Don slams into you, and your hands try to keep purchase on the sheets as the two bear dicks assault both ends of you.

It's not long before Don grips your waist tight and rams deep, letting out a grunt you remember from before. Hot cum spills inside your ass, and you let out a long groan around Dave's cock. The daddy holds your head down tight as his lover unloads in your ass, and then keeps bobbing your head up and down while Don pulls out. You feel some of his cum trickle down your thighs.

"Alright," the daddy bear says, pulling his dick from your mouth again by yanking you upward by your hair. "My turn."

Don shifts on the bed, taking Dave's place, and takes your head in both hands, shoving your face into his sticky, cummy crotch. You lick and slurp at the cum on his pubic hairs and his softening shaft, and then feel Dave take his place at your ass. His thick dick head pierces you without warning, and you yell into Don's sticky crotch. Dave wastes no time building up a rough and fast rhythm, and your face is soon covered in spit and cum as you're ground into Don's dick.

Dave comes with a swear, yelling "Fuck!" as he dumps a hot jet of seed in your cummy ass, and then collapses onto you, his weight shoving his dick as deep as he can go. You gasp out a breath, feeling the weight of him on you.

He rolls off after a moment, and both bears slide you onto your back. They each take one of your nipples in their mouth, and guide your hands to your dick. You jerk furiously while they nibble and lick at your nipples, and a jet of cum arcs across your stomach when you hit your orgasm.

The three of you lie there for some time, breathing hard.

"Well," Dave says, in a gravelly voice. "That's round one."

You look at him, and see he's already getting hard again. So is Don.

"Happy birthday to me," you breathe, and both bears laugh.

(The end - please send feedback to [email protected])

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