"I should be in your pussy."

From Create Your Own Story

"Oh, you'd like that, would you?" Janet says. "If I give you a quick ride and get you off, will you sneak out so no one knows I was in here with you?"

"Sure thing," you say.

You pull down your pants and sit on the toilet. Janet drops her panties to her ankles and sits herself down in your lap. Your erection slides easily into her moist tunnel. Janet purrs softly. Her pussy hugs your shaft like a velvet vice. You hump your ass up off the toilet seat and penetrate her deeper. Janet coos and thrusts her hips downward. You pull down. Janet raises herself slightly so an inch of you slides out of her, then she slams herself back down.

The two of you bounce and thrust, working your penis in and out of her tight honey pot. Janet groans as your speed increases. Her breathing grows ragged and then her twat clamps down around your cock. She clings to you as her pussy spasms and waves of orgasm make her tremble. Her shuddering snatch sets you off and you blow a hefty load deep inside her.

"That was some fuck," Janet says. "But I'd better get out of here before someone walks in on us."

Do you:

Health Horny Location:

The Company Ladies' Room

MP 0
Level 1
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