"I really have learned my lesson! Please let me out..."

From Create Your Own Story

"H'mmm..." the bouncer says slowly. "Okay, male, I will release you from this position. But I want to make absolutely sure you really have learned your lesson." With that, the bouncer lifts the board off you, undoes your body ties, lifts you in the air -- and clamps her arm around your neck. You black out moments later.

When you regain consciousness, your hands are still cuffed, your feet are still cuffed, and your slave mask is gone but now you're wearing a simple blindfold. You feel cold air on your body and realize you're completely naked. You're in a bent-over position and you can't move.

"Welcome back to the land of the living," the bouncer's voice sounds. "To be absolutely certain the lesson takes, I will inflict one more punishment on you before you regain your freedom, male. You may choose between being whipped to a bloody pulp or having a 10-inch vibrator stuffed up your ass. Oh, you're still at the club -- in our special bondage room."

Health Horny & Handcuffed Location:

Clit Club

MP 0
Level 1
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