"I promise it'll be worth waiting half an hour."

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The drive back to the Bull's house takes only about twenty minutes, and you catch yourself flinching at how much the massive man is speeding and taking corners. When you finally pull into a townhouse lot, the Bull grunts, and parks near a series of the tall narrow homes, between two other cars. He gets out of the truck without a word, and you follow him to the door of one of the middle units.

No sooner are you inside than his massive hands tugging at your shirt. You press against him, doing the same, pulling the tight red shirt over his head and revealing his thick muscular chest and stomach, rubbing your hands across his huge shoulders and thick neck. He pushes you towards the stairs, and you walk backwards up them, nearly tripping, his hands working your belt and unzipping your jeans.

He pushes you to the bedroom, where a King-sized bed awaits, still unmade from the morning. You step out of your jeans and underwear after kicking off your shoes and socks, now naked before the huge man. Your cock is hard again at the sight of this massive, muscular man. He takes off his shoes, undoes his belt, and steps out of his jeans and underwear, the beer-can cock once again free and thick in front of him.

He pushes your chest with one hand, and you fall back onto the bed. He steps toward the edge of the bed as you scramble to sit up, and his rough hand takes the back of your head, pushing your face once more to his thick cock. He takes his meat in one hand, stroking himself, and glares at you.

"Well?" he snaps.

You lean on the bed, and try once again to put the huge dick into your mouth. He'd softened somewhat, so you have a slightly easier time at first, but as his cock hardens in your mouth and his rough hands take the back of your head, you're quickly back where you left off - feeling your throat swallow the stud's cockhead, and feeling the panic of not being able to breathe around it while he grinds your face into his pubic hair.

You gag on his cock, and he relents long enough for you to suck in a breath through your nose, keeping the end of his shaft and his cock head in your mouth. You can taste his precum, salty and slick, and he lets out a long, low moan when you bury your face on his dick again, swallowing the end of his meat.

"Fuck, you're a good cocksucker," he growls. His hands clench painfully in your hair, and your eyes water. You slide back and forth on his dick, never quick comfortable with the girth of the massive tool, but not choking, though you always feel you're on the edge of it.

He enjoys your mouth for a while, then tugs you off his cock, slapping the heavy meat across your face. The weight of it is incredible against your forehead and cheek.

"You gonna take it?" he growls.

You nod, licking at his balls with your tongue. He grunts, and climbs onto the bed with you.

The Bull rolls you over, pushing you face-down into the sheets and reaches over you to the bedside table. He opens one the drawer and pulls out a bottles of lube, and something made of black plastic. The Bull takes the lube and squirts the contents into your ass. You thank the gods you already took cock tonight, and aren't as tight as you might have already been, but even so, when the Bull rolls on top of you, the sheer heat and size of his meat against your hole makes you flinch.

His hand reaches around your face, taking your chin and pulling your head up, his mouth beside your ear. "You gonna take it?" he growls.

"Yes," you breathe, hoping you can. He takes the small black object - you realize it's a gag - and pushes it into your mouth, securing it around the back of your head.

"Walls are like fucking tissue paper," he says, and grins down at you cruelly. "Don't need another call to the cops from the neighbors."

You don't have enough time to consider what that means before he pushes his monster cock at your hole, and you hiss, breathing out through your teeth. He's massive! The cockhead alone stretches your hole more than you've ever felt, and you reflexively grind into the bed, trying to get away from his dick. He continues to push, and you feel his cockhead slip inside you, making your whole body nearly convulse with the sensation. His shaft stretches your hole so much you see stars, and you press your face against the cloth of the cot, and let out short bursts of breath, your whole body shaking, and breaking out in a sweat. You yell into the gag, your voice muffled by the black rubber.

"Yeah," the Bull's voice rumbles against your back, his hairy muscular chest pressing against your shoulders as you arch your back in an attempt to slow down his entry, "Take it, fucker. Take it..."

Your head thrashes against the pillow, but the man's cock continues to press into you, and you grunt and groan and swear and whimper, all the sounds swallowed by the gag. The Bull's body drips sweat onto yours, and his muscular arms press against either side of you. You feel like he's splitting you in half with his cock, and the heat that spreads between your legs is unbelievably intense. When his cock hits the deepest you've ever taken a cock before, you scream into the gag, but then he keeps pressing into you. The Bull says, "yeah, baby, no one can hear you. You yell all you need."

Finally, you feel the Bull's muscular torso against your ass, and his thighs press against yours. The sudden heat of his balls against your ass makes you grunt.

"Yeah, boy, good boy," the Bull says, buried deep inside you further than anything you've ever felt. "You like that?"

"Mmmph!" is all you can gasp.

"Yeah," he laughs. "You like it." He pulls his waist back from you a little, pulling his dick back, and then pushes back into you. "You want it mean, don't you, boy?"

You yell into the gag - the sound is pitiful. He laughs. The sensation is overwhelming - his massive meat moving inside you - and your hands clench in the sheets, your head tossing form side to side.

He pushes in and out of you again, a little faster, and you groan.

"Gonna fuck you now, boy," the Bull says. You take in a sharp breath.

The Bull's relentless, now that he's inside you. He pulls his cock half way out with every thrust, then pushes back into you, putting all of his muscle behind every thrust. You gag and writhe, pinned by his massive meat, and your cock, which had softened during the painful entry, begins to get hard again as his monster cock slams deep into you and rubs back and forth against your stretched ass. He presses his massive thighs between yours, and grips your shoulders, slowly - and painfully - pulling you up onto your hands and knees. Then he rams you form behind with angry, violating thrusts that shove his cock into you so deep you can barely catch your breath. You're covered in sweat, and feel the strength of his body in every thrust.

You don't know if you can make it much longer, and your head droops. He notices, and reaches under you long enough to pinch a nipple hard. You yelp into the gag, and he laughs.

"Stay with me, fucker," he says, and rams his cock in deep and rough. You grip the sheets, your head thrashing with the effort of taking him. His hands return to your waist, and he grips tighter, grinding his massive meat so far inside you you're reduced to low groans around the gag.

"Fuck yeah," the huge man growls. His sweat is slick against your body, and he pulls back on your waist with every thrust. You feel him inside you, his battering ram of a cock bludgeoning you deep. He fucks you, and fucks you, and fucks you. Your head sags.

Finally, the massive man moves his hands up, and grips your shoulders tight. "You want me to breed your hole deep, don't you, cocksucker?" He rams his cock in deep, and you gasp.

You nod your head wildly.

He thrusts a few more times with his monster cock, and then, without warning, he pulls out completely, making you scream into the gag. He grips your shoulders and throws you over, rolling you onto your back. You look up at him through teary eyes, stunned. He's a fucking giant, his chest is pumped, his neck thick and red, veins standing at attention. His face glares down at you with a mix of anger and arousal, and you're not sure which emotion is going to win. His thick arms take your legs and spread them. His rock hard cock presses at your battered hole.

"Beg me," he growls, tugging the gag from your mouth. His chest and abs, coated with sweat-darkened hair, pulse with his panting.

"Breed me!" you beg him. "Breed my hole deep, please!"

He puts his hand over your mouth, and then rams his meat back in all the way, and you gray out for a moment with the pain of the violation. But you breathe through it, and look up at the massive man, in awe of his body, feeling his cock ram you deep. In four more angry thrusts you feel his cock throb inside you - and the Bull's seed fills your ass with four hot spurts. He bellows, and the sensation and sound tips you over the edge, your cock erupting across your stomach chest in two hot spurts of your own. The massive man grunts again, pushing his cock in deep, then pulls out, his dick slick with lube and spunk. He lets your legs go, and you let them fall on either side of the massive man, your ass aching and burning with the pounding you just took.

"Holy fuck," you breathe, when he removes his hand.

The Bull grunts, "Yeah." He rolls over beside you, giving you an odd look.

"Don't just fucking lie there," he snaps. "Lick my dick clean, fucker."

You move to obey, painfully.

This is definitely one birthday you'll never forget.

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