"I like to play with toys."

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The older man smiles wickedly, looking at you with an almost hungry look on in his eyes. "That so, boy?" He reaches down to the bag beside the belt, and puts it up on the bed. He opens it, and reaches in, searching for something, and comes back with what looks like a black rubber ball with a kind of string attached to it.

"This is daddy's favorite toy," he says, moving right up toward you. He holds out the ball in front of your face, and with his free hand he takes the back of your neck and pushes you toward him. Your lips press against the black rubber ball and you open your mouth. The older man nods, smiles, and pushes it into your mouth, a moment later attaching the strings behind your head.

It's a ball-gag, you realize, having seen them on movies but never having seen one in real life. Your mouth is open, but full, and you look up at Mac with a little shiver of fear.

He smiles. "Yeah, do you know why that's daddy's favorite toy?"

You start to answer, but your response comes out as little more than a muffled noise with the gag in place.

He nods, and his smile makes you shiver again. "That's right, boy. Because everything little boys like you say when they're wearing that gag sure sounds to daddy like 'yes, please!'" He grips the back of your head, tilting your face up to look at him, and looks down at you. You can feel his hard-on against your stomach, and another shivery thrill runs through you. You reach up to him pressing your hands against his chest, and he exhales, long and slow.

"Alright," he says. "Daddy's gonna pull out all his favorite toys. But first..." He gives you a little shove, surprising you, and you fall back onto the edge of the bed. He leans forward and tugs at your shirt roughly, and you raise your arms automatically as the shirt is pulled from your body. The big man tosses it into the far corner of the room, and then leans forward to undo your pants. You feel yourself blush - and can't help but bite down on the ball-gag a little in embarrassment - but soon the big man has tugged your pants and underwear off in a series of rough tugs, and your obvious hard-on springs free.

He looks down at your dick, and shakes his head. "Daddy is going to enjoy playing with you, boy," he says. Then he grabs you by the shoulders and rolls you over quickly on the bed - almost throwing you onto your stomach. With moves obviously practiced from his life as a corrections officer, he takes your wrists in one rough hand and a moment later another toy is removed from the bag - some handcuffs. They snap around your wrists and the realization of just how much you are at this large, hairy man's mercy hits you like a blow to the stomach. You let out a little moan around the gag.

"I'm glad you like them, boy," the man's voice is growing lower by the moment. "But really, daddy doesn't give a fuck if you enjoy this or not. Daddy's here to play."

He grabs your ankle and pulls and you slide half off the bed, ass up in the air, your feet landing awkwardly on the carpet. He is standing pressed between your thighs, holding you in place with his bulk, and once again you see him lean over to get something from the bag, though the angle you're looking back at makes it hard to see what exactly he's doing.

A moment later it becomes clear when a black rubber strap slaps hard against your ass.

You shriek into the gag.

"That so? I thought you'd like that, boy. Get that ass nice and ready for daddy to ruin."

The strap descends again and again. Mac rolls you to the left and right a bit after each slap of the rubber strap, and new parts of your exposed ass cheeks are struck each time. Your skin is soon on fire, and you're desperately squirming, even though he keeps you pinned where he wants you. It seems like it goes on for hours, though you know that can't be true. There is a musky scent in the air, and you realize it's Mac himself - he's starting to sweat.

Another sharp strike burns across your ass, and you cry out again into the gag. Finally, Mac steps back. It takes all you've got not to slide down off the edge of the bed. Tears sting your eyes, and yet - you realize, with a trace of shame - your cock is rock hard.

"That looks about right to daddy," Mac growls. You hear him move behind you, and tilting your head you manage to catch a glimpse of the large man standing behind you. He drops the paddle, and then he grins and drops the rubber strap. He undoes his jeans - there's a thick thatch of black pubic hair that makes you realize the man is going commando, and then you see the meat that lies beneath.

You gasp.

Mac's mule cock is one of the biggest - and ugliest - you've ever seen. But rather than turning you off, the beastly appearance of his uncut meat is unbelievably arousing. The oversized shaft is gnarled with huge, raised veins and the bloated head is a bright purple and covered with dick slime. It looks more like some wild animal's throbbing organ than a man's! The raunchy odor of it fills your nostrils and makes your head swim with horny need.

Mac steps out of his jeans and pulls his sleeveless shirt over his head, revealing a wide chest and thick body that's covered with dark hair. The scent of him, already present in the room, grows stronger. He moves towards you, and you lose sight of him from your view of lying on your stomach. His rough hands take your battered ass cheeks, one in each palm, and he squeezes slightly. You whimper at the sensation.

"Okay, boy. Daddy's going to fuck you now. You be a good boy and you hang in there for daddy, and maybe you'll be daddy's new favorite toy. You let daddy down, and... well. Daddy doesn't like to keep broken toys." He slaps your ass hard with one hand and you wail into the gag again.

A moment later, he pours lube between your ass cheeks, rubbing his finger up and down between and smearing it onto your pucker. You feel a temporary relief from the burning where the liquid is rubbed, and you can't help but squirm back onto his fingers.

"That's the spirit, boy," he says, and then, one hand pressed against the small of your back, Mac buries every inch of his oversized horse dick balls deep into your pucker.

You've never felt so helpless - impaled to the hilt on Mac's truncheon, and your hands bound together behind you. You also realize you've never felt so turned on! His hands grip your sides so tight you know he's leaving bruises. Your head rolls back and forth against the bedsheets in a mix of agony and ecstasy as Mac begins slamming his cock inside you with ruthless rough thrusts. Your rock hard dick rubs deliciously against the blanket, and your hands twist in the cuffs.

Mac twists you, throwing you onto your back without removing his dick, and the heat of his rough hairy skin against your battered ass is intense. He leans down over you, wrapping his strong arms around you and pulls you up against his chest, his cock striking you hard inside as he literally lifts you and walks you over to the wall and presses your back against it. You are trapped between his jackhammering cock and the cold, hard surface. You lift your head up and stare into his angry eyes. He smacks you roughly across the face. You moan in response.

"Yeah, Daddy's boy likes the rough stuff," Mac growls and then spits in your face.

You nod wildly, barely able to moan into the gag as his dick splits you wide, and he slaps you again, harder. Your cock erupts between the two of you, spurting cum across your stomach and his hairy belly.

"Fucking whore," he growls at you, and pounds you all the harder.

For an hour, it seems, the deranged prison guard batters your hole. He fucks you against every wall in the hotel room, and on the drawers as well. His furry body is soaked and slick with sweat. The room fills with his heat and his body odor. The smell is unbelievable - like a wild animal!

You've already shot three loads - every time you come before him, he slaps you a little harder. Your cheek is red and burning, but each time you come you can't help it. He throws you onto the bed, and then rips his dick out of you. You moan with need, feeling your ass unfold around the absence of his meat, and as you struggle to get up, he shoves you hard, rolling you onto your stomach.

"Always wanted to use one of the boys in my cell block," he laughs, panting for breath and sweat dripping from his hairy body onto yours. A moment later, he stuffs one of his socks into your mouth. After that, he sodomizes your ass with the police guard baton for nearly half an hour, twisting and pushing it in and out of your hole in rapid thrusts that make you buck against the blanket and whimper and writhe for him. When you come again, he rolls you over and slaps your face a fourth time.

Then, as promised, he lifts your legs onto his sweat-slick hairy shoulders, and he pumps his hot seed deep in your guts. Mac cums like a gorilla - huffing and puffing and grunting as he thoroughly inseminates you.

After he cums, the big ugly hunk is surprisingly tender. He undoes your wrist restraints and pulls you into the hotel bed with him him. Mac's rubbery dick is softening, yet it's still crammed up your ass. He wraps you in his big arms and pulls you into his chest. You nestle your face against the humid blanket of fur and sigh.

"I think I'm fallin' in love..." The man mumbles before falling asleep. His thunderous snores fill the room.

Against your better judgment, you realize Mac just might be the man of your dreams. Who knows what the future will hold?

Best Birthday Ever.

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