"I feel like getting nailed."

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Len grabs your shoulders and walks you to one of the sawhorses, the stops, kissing you roughly and filling your mouth with the taste of cigarettes. He breaks off the kiss and starts tugging at your belt and your jeans, and you help him, undoing the zipper, and stepping out of them. He takes them and throws them over a nearby pallet, then tugs your shirt over your head, adding it to the pile.

"Wait," you say, and reach into the pocket of the jeans where they lie, handing Len a small bottle of lube. He grins, and then hooks his finger into the waistband of your underwear, and pulls them off. You step out of them, and he tucks them into the back pocket of his grass-stained jeans.

"Souvenir," he grins. He puts the bottle of lube between his teeth. Then he undoes his jeans and tugs them open, pulling down his underwear behind the fly and revealing a slightly curved cut cock, about 8 1/2 inches, with a bulbous head. His gloved hand grips his cock for a moment, already hard, and he retrieves the lube from his mouth with his free hand.

"You want to get nailed, do you, fuckboy?" he asks, snapping open the lid on the bottle.

"Yeah," you say.

"You want it raw, kid? Want me to give you a real gift? Knock you up with some dirty cum?"

"Yah!" You beg, his words barely registering in your lust-addled mind.

"Turn around then," he says.

You brace yourself against the sawhorse, using both hands, and you feel Len step behind you, pressing the heat of his cock against the small of your back. A moment later, the slick lube dribbles a bit down your ass crack, and Len runs his gloved fingers up and down, spreading the liquid. When the rough cloth reaches your hole, you moan, and press back against him.

“Eager, aren’t ya?”

“Yes,” you nearly hiss.

Len doesn’t need any more prodding. Lining up his fat cockhead at your hole, he pushes himself in, slowly at first, but with more pressure as you press back against him and let a long breath out between your teeth. The rough gloves feel amazing on your body, and the sensation of doing this in the half-finished building, naked, no idea where you are, with a big hung stud you barely know, has you rock hard.

“Ready to get fucked ragged?” Len says, once his dick is buried in your ass. The pressure is hot and hard, and you squirm back against him.

“Yes,” you say, and with a laugh, Len starts to fuck you. He grips your waist with both hands, the cloth rough and gritty against your waist, and with every thrust his balls slap against yours, sending waves of heat through you. You grunt and moan and curse as he plows you, holding tightly to the sawhorse to brace yourself. Your cock throbs, but without a hand free to jerk yourself, the pressure builds in your balls without relief.

Len’s thrusts grow rougher, and he starts to speak. "You like that, fuckboy?"

"Yes!" you gasp.

"You like getting fucked? You like taking this dirty dick raw, you little whore?" He grips you so tightly it's painful, and shoves into you as hard as his stocky frame can, making you cry out.

You've never been fucked like this. You shove your ass against his onslaught, feeling his cock slam deeper and deeper inside you, sweat dripping from Len's chest onto the small of your back. His thrusts grow wilder, and with a deep grunt, he shoves forward hard, and empties a load in your ass. He holds himself there for a moment, dick spurting in your guts, then pulls out, taking a step back away from the sawhorse. You feel his cum dribble out of your ass a bit, and you stay there a moment, panting. You've never been so turned on before - being treated so rough and dirty! Your cock throbs, wanting release, and you grip it, jerking furiously.

You hear Len's lighter click behind you as you spray your cum all over the rough wooden floor. The scent of his cigarette fills the room.

"Happy birthday, fuckboy," he says. You turn around, and watch him suck on his smoke. He winks at you. "Gotta say, boy - hope it was a birthday you'll remember."

You nod, not trusting yourself to speak.

He laughs. "Good. Not often I find a pretty boy who want some dirty cum rammed home right."

You blink at him, his words echoing in your head. Dirty? "What?"

He looks at you, amused. "I knocked you up, boy."

You shake your head.

He laughs. "Jesus, boy. Don't you know the lingo you were using? You asked for a gift. You took my dick raw..." He laughs, shaking his head. "Like I said, that's one gift you don't get to return. Happy fucking birthday."

As what he says sinks in, your stomach starts to clench in tight knots.

Definitely a birthday you'll never forget.

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