"I don't think I want to use the gag, sir."

From Create Your Own Story

Dean laughs, and puts the ball gag back on the shelf. He tugs at your shoulders, and walks you instead to the sling, where he turns you around and pushes you back.

You fall into the sling, and look up at the muscular stud. His thick chest, crossed by the leather straps, and his stuffed leather cod-piece are incredibly masculine, and you shiver once while he looks down at you. He walks slowly around the sling, tying your hands to the straps, and lifting your ankles into the loops, and then presses between your legs. He reaches down and takes off the leather cod-piece, revealing his uncut cock and low hanging, hairy balls, already half-hard. You writhe on the sling expecting a fuck, but instead, he greases up your ass with lube slowly, and then winks at you. He reaches past you to the shelf and uses a small black rubber dildo on your hole for a while, until you're gasping a bit and arching your back.

He then changes it up with a thicker model, and then a larger model, and soon, while you roll your head back and forth in the sling and breath in little bursts through your teeth, the leather man is using a huge dildo inside you, shoving it in and out with little thrusts that make the sling rock and sending jolts through your body. You get rock hard, and he pulls out the giant dildo, much to your chagrin, but he slides in a different toy, one made of hard plastic and shaped more like a real cock. Then he flips a switch on the base, and it begins vibrating.

The sensation pushes you over the edge, and you cum across your stomach with a wild cry, hands curled into fists and trapped in the wrist straps.

Dean smiles. "You like being helpless so far?" he asks.

You nod, sweat and cum mingling on your stomach and chest. "Yes."

"I got at least a dozen more things I'm going to do to that ass," he says, "before I fuck you."

You groan, but smile, and lean back in the sling.

Best birthday ever.

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