"I don't care, as long as it's in me."

From Create Your Own Story

"You asked for it, slut." The massive man grins, and comes at you with both hands, gripping your ass and sliding one thick finger into you as he pushes you towards the stairs. You climb, barely keeping upright, until you reach the top of the stairs. He doesn't let up, using his thick fingers in your ass, and one hand clamped tight on the back of your neck to steer you into the back room, where he pushes you onto the sling, face down.

"Roll over," he says.

You roll over, and he takes your feet, bracing them in the loops, and your grab the handles set to either side of your head with your hands, holding tightly.

He stops then, and says, "Don't move." The hairy muscular man looks at you for a long moment, and you nod, eyes drawn to his thick, slightly curved dick that is waving in front of him.

He walks around behind you, and returns a moment later with some strips of leather. He stands over your face, and pushes his dick at your lips. You open your mouth eagerly, and while you suck, his balls rest against your face, hairy and heavy. He takes your right hand, then your left, doing something you can't see with the straps, and then pulls his dick out of your mouth and steps back. You look up and see he's tied your wrists to the leather hoops with buckles.

He walks around to your feet, and does the same to your ankles. You realize you're now tied to the sling, and with some shame and a shiver of fear, your dick twitches, hard as a rock.

He notices, and grins. "Tell me you want my dick in you," he says.

"I want it," you say, and you arch your back.

"You want what?" he asks.

"I want your dick in me!"

He steps up, lines his dick against your slick, cummy hole, and then shoves his massive meaty cock to the hilt up your hole. His length and thickness fills you further and tighter than you've ever taken, and you gasp, arching your back. He holds himself there, grinning, holding your calves, one in each hand, his chest hair already growing damp with sweat. You’re so hard you can’t believe it – and you hear yourself begging him to fuck your ass, so hot does his cock feel inside you.

“That’s right, cunt,” he says, pulling nearly all the way out, and then thrusting deep. “You take my cock.”

You yelp, but he doesn't relent, and soon he’s fucking you at a furious pace.

"You like that, cunt?" he yells. "You like my cock?"

"Yes!" you yell. "Yes!"

He bellows once, pushing forward hard, and your ass floods with his load, which spurts around his thick dick and slides down your ass cheeks. You feel your own release hit a moment later, arcing over your stomach in two long streams.

You lie there for what seems like a long while, and then he slides out of you with a slick sound. He smiles, and you struggle a little in the sling, looking up at him expectantly.

He leaves the room through the curtain.

You try to sit up a little, and call out, "Hey!"

"Be right back," you barely hear his voice through the heavy fabric. The wait feels nearly eternal, and you're starting to wonder if he's going to just leave you there all night now that he's fucked you, but then the curtain moves again, and he returns. The sight of his thick body, hairy and muscular, makes your mouth water, and his dick is semi-hard again.

In his hand, he's carrying an open beer bottle.

“Round two,” he says.

Your eyes go wide. He laughs.

He towers over you, leaning forward, and takes the presses the neck of the bottle against your ass - cold beer sloshes at your cheeks.

“Get ready, slut,” he says, and spits in your face.

He pushes the bottle into your ass with a quick jerk and you gurgle out a cry. The glass is cold, the liquid is icy, and your back arches as you try to accommodate the widening glass neck.

“You like that, slut?” he snarls. “Tell me you like that!”

“I like it,” you manage, and he starts to rhythmically shove the bottle in and out of your ass, fucking you while the beer fizzes icily up inside you.

“Yeah, I thought so,” he says. “I saw you all night. You'll take anything and anyone, won’t you? You’ll do anything, won’t you?” Each question ends with a thrust of the bottle. His hairy chest scratches against your thighs.

“Yes!” you yell.

“Damn right,” he says, and yanks the bottle out, with a rush of beer that splatters on the concrete floor. You gasp with the suddenness of it, and you look up at him. He's hard again, dick thick and still glistening with his cum.

He fucks you again, rougher this time, using the cum and beer as lube, and you yelp and thrash as his huge meat batters you deep inside, but soon find yourself begging him to do it. When he finally cums, he collapses on top of you in the sling, his hairy chest scratching your nipples, and lies there a while.

"Okay," he says, and gets off you. He undoes the buckles, one by one, and looks at you while you awkwardly and painfully climb down from the sling. You've never felt so used up in your life.

“See you next Friday,” he says, and takes a swig of beer from the bottle. "Or else."

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