"I couldn't agree more. After all, I had to remove that awfully tight shirt even before we met."

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"I am so glad you aren't mad at me. Obviously I will pay you for your torn jeans. If you want any recompense, that is."

Chester is picking up the pace, and you aren't really paying attention to what he is saying.

"They work much better this way, with lots of air. And I bet you look much nicer in them now than before."

You really try to ignore his prattling, and when you move one hand to rub your clit, you feel how your jeans have split wide open right before you find Chester's lower dick pumping away at your snatch, dripping with fluids.

If Chester is saying anything else you don't hear it, as you quickly work up a froth when you mash your little nub.

You quickly reach your orgasm gasping and moaning, as you try to keep your position with only one hand. But Chester grabs you by both your tits and then starts to fuck you with abandon.

Muttering and grunting, he smacks his pelvis into your rump, driving his larger cock so deep up your ass you gasp for air. The other cock isn't in itself contributing as much, but the delicious feeling of being double-teamed does!

You keep cumming all the way until Chester orgasms for a second time. And while he bucks in his peculiar grunting way, you feel incredibly satisfied, even as more cum is pumped into both your holes.

Do you:

Health Horny & Hormonal Location:

A Hiking Trail

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Level 1
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