"I`m ready to head home, but how about you come with me, bearstud?"

From Create Your Own Story

The bear grins, and helps you get your clothes back together and put on, then leads you back downstairs, one arm around your neck possessively. You pass the bouncer, who winks at you, and you can`t help but smile back at him.

You head back to your place with the bear, and as soon as you get inside, you start tugging at the bear`s shirt. You don't waste time "unwrapping" your birthday present, and Don returns the favor. You end up in your bed, where you suck him again until he's hard, and he flips you over and eats your ass again for what seems like an hour. He comes up for air, grinning, his beard slick with his own spit, and says, "tasty little ass you've got, boy." Then he dives back into your hole, his beard rubbing at your cheeks and making you squirm, while his tongue gets you so horned up you start to beg him to fuck you.

When he finally mounts you, he slides his dick into your hole with a mean thrust, making you arch your back against him and gasp. Once buried to his balls, he starts to fuck you in earnest, each shove harder than the last, making you swear and grunt while the bear throws his full weight into you with every thrust. It's not long before his sweat is dripping onto your back and you're bracing yourself against his cock. When he comes, he collapses onto you, burying his dick in you deep while he spurts out another load.

He pulls out slowly, rolls you onto your back, and licks and nibbles at your nipples while you jerk your own load onto your stomach.

"Good birthday?" he asks, after you've both recovered a bit.

"Absolutely!" you say, and he laughs.

(The End - please send feedback to [email protected])

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