"I'm not a country boy. This alley will do fine, don't you think?"

From Create Your Own Story

“Right here? Quick and dirty in the alley, then?” Len grins. “I can dig that. Get naked.”

You dig into your pocket and pull out your little bottle of lube, and Len grins, taking it from you. You strip, tugging your shirt over your head, and stepping out of your jeans and underwear, which Len takes from you and tosses to the side. You stand there naked, except for your shoes and socks, and Len nods.

He undoes his belt, and lowers his jeans, then his underwear, revealing a nice, cut dick with a good length, and a bulbous, mushroom head. He starts to stroke himself, hardening quickly.

“Think this’ll do the trick?” he asks.

“Absolutely,” you say.

“Turn around, then, fucker.”

You brace yourself against the closest garbage dumpster, and you feel Len step behind you, pressing the heat of his cock against the small of your back. A moment later, the slick lube dribbles a bit down your ass crack, and Len runs his calloused fingers up and down, spreading the liquid. When his fingertips reach your hole, you moan, and press back against him.

“Eager, aren’t ya?”

“Yes,” you nearly hiss.

Len doesn’t need any more prodding. Lining up his cockhead at your hole, he pushes himself in with, slowly at first, but with more pressure as you press back against him and let a long breath out between your teeth.

“Dirty alley whore, aren’t you?” Len says, once his dick is buried in your ass. The pressure is hot and hard, and you squirm back against him.

“Yes,” you say, and with a laugh, Len starts to fuck you. He grips your waist with both hands, and with every thrust his balls slap against yours, sending waves of heat through you. You grunt and moan as he plows you, holding tightly to the side of the dumpster and pressing back against him with every shove. Your cock throbs, but without a hand free to jerk yourself, the pressure builds in your balls without relief.

Len’s thrusts grow wilder, and with a deep grunt, he shoves forward hard, and empties a load in your ass. He holds himself there for a moment, dick spurting in your guts, then pulls out, leaning back against the brick wall of the bar. You feel his cum dribble out of your ass a bit, and he hands you a rag, which you use to quickly mop your ass a bit.

“Fuckin’ A,” he says, and flicks his lighter, lighting his cigarette.

He pulls his pants back up as he puffs, and then checks his watch again. “Well, I’m gonna go. Nice meeting you,” he says, cigarette a dancing red spark in the alley.

With that, he leaves you there, naked in the alley, freshly fucked, dick throbbing.

You look around for your clothes, and pick them up, only to realize they're now completely sodden with wet alley filth. You glance around, realizing there's no way you can go back into the bar, and let out a frustrated - and horny - moan.

Fuck it, it's time to take things into your own hands, so to speak.

You grip your dick in the alley and jerk furiously. It doesn't take long before a load boils up out of your balls, and you spray the brick wall of the Midtown Pub. You take a second to wipe yourself with the rag Len gave you. It makes a nice souvenir, you figure. Then, grimacing, you tug the soiled jeans and shirt back on. They're sticky, and smell like a garbage dump.

You walk home, wondering what other fun you might get up to at a blackout night at the Midtown Pub.

Maybe next month, you could find out.

(The End - please send feedback to [email protected])

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