"I'm hoping the added horse cum will make me pregnant twice." and replace the plug

From Create Your Own Story

"You sure will. Actually, the ritual magic is so strong, any male you fuck will add at least one baby to your belly."

You shine up and thank the rancher.

"All right then," he adds and turns to leave. Then the rancher stops and turns back to you. "You should probably pace yourself and not fuck your two horses any more until your body's managed to absorb some of that load, you know. Just a suggestion so you don't get any bloat pains."

"But won't I need to practice stretching my belly to make room for my two babies," you ask.

He stops and mulls it over. "I guess you have a point. But don't overdo it!"

"And for heavens sake, don't fuck a third horse before you have given birth to the foals of these two. I'm not sure your body can handle more than two baby foals at one time!"

"I'll keep that in mind," you say simply.

What do you do:

Health Horny and Pregnant with Twin Centaurs Location:

The Ranch

MP 0
Level 1
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