"I'll stay as a human."

From Create Your Own Story

Rayne lets out a piercing whistle. A few seconds later, Endora walks into the room.

"You called for me, Rayne?" Endora asks.

"Our guest has decided he wants to remain with us, but stay human," Rayne responds.

Endora produces a wand and aims it at you. "Erise dnam uhd naer ipmav roft sul," she intones. A beam of light shoots out from the wand, striking you in the chest.

Your skin tingles for a moment, then the feeling passes. You reach out your arms and pull Jenna against one side of your body and Rayne against the other.

"If you're going to play with them," Endora asks, "can I join you?"

"What was that spell you just cast on me?" you inquire.

"It's a spell that prevents you from leaving the room, ever," Endora says. "It also makes it so that you never need sustenance and makes you permanently lust for your two new friends, although you seemed to have that part covered already. So, can I join you?"

Health Horny Location:

Vampiress’ Castle

MP 0
Level 1
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