"I'll need to see a little more before I can agree..."

From Create Your Own Story

Beth looks at you incredulously.

"You've seen our huge tits," she says, playing with her huge, milky jugs inches from your face, while Liz hungrily sucks your dick underneath the warm shower spray. "Me and my sister have both sucked your huge dick. What more could you possibly want from us?" You smile down at Liz, who grins up at you mischievously, her red hair wet and wild as she slurps at your cock.

"Well, girls," you say, still loving the feeling of Liz's lips wrapped around your pole. "I'll admit something to you," you say. Liz ceases her enthusiastic blowjob and stands up next to her, her wet boobs smushed against your shoulder as she hugs your wet body.

"What is it?" she asks, her hand still gently tugging up and down your pole.

"Well, this is hard for me to say," you tell them gently. "But I, too, am a virgin." Their eyes light up at this lie, and both cling to you tightly, their giant breasts crushed against your torso.

"Oh please, Mister," Liz pleads. "Let me be the one to take your virginity."

"Come on," Beth says, grabbing at your still-erect penis. "I'm the one who blew you first. I deserve to be the one to rock your world."

You smile...

Health Horny Location:

The Gym

MP 0
Level 2
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