"I'll have the chef's surprise."

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Steve grins. "Excellent choice. I'm thinking you'd like the reddened boy ass, stuffed with a rough bear sausage and filled with a hot cream glaze."

Your whole body shivers. He grins, and half pulls, half drags you up the stairs to his bedroom. Once there, he tugs his shirt off, revealing his thick hairy chest and stomach, and he steps out of his jeans and boots. You strip in front of him while he watches, smiling at you, and leisurely strokes his pierced dick. As soon as you're naked, he sits down on a large leather chair, and slaps his thighs.

"Come here. Bear's gonna tenderize your butt for you."

You shiver, but find yourself leaning over his lap, his dick pressing into your stomach, and your own cock hard against his thigh. You brace yourself, but the first slap of his large hand against your ass makes you yelp, and you squirm on his lap. He chuckles. He spanks your ass again, and you grunt this time. You feel his hairy stomach as he laughs quietly, and then another slap lands, and another. The blows land on one ass cheek, then the other, then placed across both, then one again - the randomness makes you squirm every time, and the mix of pleasure and pain is incredible - your ass grows so damn hot, and you feel your butt cheeks clenching in anticipation of every stroke of his hand. Incredibly, your dick is rock hard, and his presses against your stomach.

"I think that's just about ready..." the older man says, and then slides you off his lap. You rise, ass burning, and he pushes you at the bed, where you fall against it, ass out in the air, stomach pressed to the blanket.

His tongue buries itself in your ass, and the mix of his rough beard and slick tongue is a kind of electric agony and arousal to your spanked ass.

"Oh God!" you gasp. He slurps at your hole, licking and spitting, his beard rubbing your spanked cheeks raw, but his tongue a kind of hot soothing intrusion into your ass. You writhe on him, pushing against his tongue and bucking on the bed. Your hands twist in the blanket.

Finally, he pulls away from you, and lifts your thighs, sliding you onto the bed, and rolling you onto your back. The big man crawls onto the bed on his knees after you, and takes your leg in his hand, raising up against his broad hairy shoulder, and then grabbing your other ankle with his free hand. He leans forward, pulling your back off the bed just slightly, and aims his dick at your spanked and eaten ass.

"And now the stuffing," the burly bear says, and pushes his dick into you, hard. "Rough bear sausage."

You yell at the feel of his thick pierced meat forcing its way into your hole. He grunts, and leans over you, pressing hard into your ass and spreading your legs wider and higher. Your abused ass clenches in spasms around his meat, and you can feel the piercing rub inside you - it's intense, and painful, and incredible, and hot - you gasp and thrash your head.

"Fuck yeah," Steve growls. "Nice and fucking tight..."

He fucks you hard, without giving you a chance to catch up, and soon his thrusts are bouncing you on the bed. His dick strikes inside you in ways you've never felt before, the piercing rubbing you and sending off sparks up and down your nervous system. You're soon moaning and grunting, body slick with sweat, and the sheer heat of his rough cock battering inside your abused hole sends you over the edge - your cock erupts against the bear's hairy stomach, spraying spunk across your chests. A moment later, Steve grinds down hard into you and you feel his dick release hot spunk deep in your ass. It's a rush of relief in your abused ass. He thrusts twice more, then pulls out of your hole, lying beside you on the bed, breathing heavy.

"Holy shit," you gasp, shaking.

He chuckles. "Wait until you see dessert."

You roll your head to look at him, eyes wide.

He holds up one hand, fingers and thumb tight in a fist. "Freshly fucked boy ass filled with bear fist, pounded until the glaze of boy tears appears."

You swallow. Definitely a birthday you're not going to forget.

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